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Content management system /CMS/ WebJET is an electronic system for simple professional development and update of company´s websites.

Content management system /CMS/ WebJET is an electronic system designed for simple but professional development and update of your company´s websites and portals. This all can be done directly from your company with any technical knowledge or additional programmes. Anyone skilled in using MS Word can learn to manage the Content management system WebJET! And this all can be done via a web browser from any place in the world.

WebJET CMS at a glance

  • continuous development since 2001
  • quick and simple editing
  • already on the market 6 versions
  • daily generated more than 600,000 pages
  • more than 60 modules
  • mobile administration
  • reliable support
  • high security with active XSS protection
  • compatible with platforms: Windows, Lunix, Solaris
  • supported databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL

Quick Update Option

Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage of CMS is the option of quick data update. Today, customers get used to be regularly informed about novelties, prices, new products, new references, and more. WebJET offers this and more.

If a customer does not receive such information in time, they turn to the competition...

To be seen online takes more than just to have an ordinary website. It is an art, which we will teach you to use in your favour!

Search Engine Optimization

A good quality search engine optimization /SEO/ is one of the important features of the content management system WebJET. The system is able to operate in HTML website stimulation mode so that the address bar of the browser contains important key words. It is also possible to set the key words directly on a website or in a directory and the description can be set in the HTML website header. Naturally, we develop the design with regards to search engines - we use correct headings, well-designed menu and other related methodologies.

Search engine optimization will increase website traffic because your website will appear higher in search results of various search engines – this is what the content management system /CMS/ WebJET helps you to do.

Competitive Benefits

Our content management system has been on the market since 2002. Since then, it has overcome childhood illnesses and become a mature system. Currently, we are focusing on user-friendliness of the system; our goal is to make editorial works and modification and creation of new websites as simple as possible.


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